Be part of your new neighborhood

Find a Local Navigator

A Local Navigator is person from your local area, who wants to help you find your way around the Danish society and your new neighborhood.

It is someone you can ask questions about life in Denmark, local life and more.

NB: At the moment we only match citizens livging in the municipality of Tønder.

Fill out the questionnaire. We will contact you, when we find your match.

You may have to wait a while, since we don't know when the right fit will be there.

Materials for a good matching experience and more - they are in the process of being translated.

We also have a collection of links, that may be useful, also for answering some of the questions from the postcard - the rest you have to ask your Local Navigator about.

What is a Local Navigator

Local Navigator - NaboSkaber på tværs in Danish is the idea, that a well-functioning local community is based on being good neighbours.

It can be both exciting and challenging to move to a different country and be a part of the local community. It demands commitment from you as a newcomer, but also goodwill from your new neighborhood.

A Local Navigator is volunteering their free time to help you. They are experts in living in Denmark, but can't advice you in legal, tax or other areas that requires a specialized education. 

When you are matched with your Local Navigator, you talk about your expectations and find a common ground on how you move forward together.

We encourage that the communication between you and your match is in Danish. If you have no common language, you can find other ways.

How do I find a Local Navigator?

Fill out the questionnaire.

When we find a match for you, we will contact you.

It might take some time to find a match, so be patient.

When you have found your match, it is important that you and your Local Navigator talk about your expectations.

Your Local Navigator is volunteering their free time to help you, so you have to find a way that suits the both of you.

We have made a document, with questions to talk about at your first meeting. Questions like: "How often do we meet?", "Do we have to meet?" "When is it ok to make contact?" etc.

Beware that there might be

cultural differences

between you and your Local Navigator. That is why it is important to talk about your expectations when you meet.


Important topics to talk about, when you meet for the first time. The questions are meant to be helpful for the both of you to define your relationship to give you the best start.

How to navigate if the match is not quite as you imagined.

You are also welcome to contact us for help.